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Houseplant Repotting


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Has your houseplant outgrown its pot, and you want to keep it thriving? Let us handle it! We will consult you on the proper pot size, proper pot material type, and then plant it into the chosen pot with premium soil tailored to your houseplant. We will help trim off any dead roots, leaves, etc.

You can bring your plant in any time, no need for an appointment!

The price is $1 per inch in diameter of the pot the plant is going into. So a 6 inch pot would be 6$, a 8 inch pot would be $8.

To figure out what size pot you will need, we typically recommend that plants go into pots that are 2" to 4" bigger in diameter than what it is currently. For example, a plant in a 4" pot will most likely go into a 6" pot.

This does not include the pot. You may bring in a pot of your own if you like, or pick one out at the store with our help. The price of your chosen pot will be then added to the cost.

You can purchase this when coming into the store as well, no need to make an appointment. If you purchase over the website, please leave in the item notes what plant you want repotted and when you will most likely bring it in. If you purchase through the website, whatever you paid will be taken out of your overall total. 

For more questions, call us at (509)-467-5258 or email us at

Once you place your order, we will call you within the business week to go over details.

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