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Why Choose Ritters

Ritters Garden & Gift is so much more than a garden supplies store. From home decor that blends perfectly with nature, to houseplants that seem like they came straight out of a fantasy world, Ritters offers a place for you to get reacquainted with nature’s beauty in new and unique ways. And, we promise, there is something for everyone. 

Read on to learn more about how Ritters simply does things differently.

Locally-Owned, Family-Operated

Ritters Garden & Gift is locally owned and operated. Because of that, our knowledge of native Spokane plants and terrain goes far beyond any you can find in a “big box” store. 

We understand the specific challenges Spokane’s climate presents, and know the factors that go into making a garden here successful year-round. We know its unique soils, from sandy loom to clay and beyond. We also understand its micro-climates, and that the plants that will thrive in Deer Park might differ from those that will thrive on Five Mile. 

For almost 100 years we’ve been using this specialized knowledge to help our customers create the indoor and outdoor garden spaces of their dreams. 

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“Wide variety of healthy plants.  Children's play area provided.  Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff.  I always find something to tweak my imagination at this excellent shop.” - Claudia M.

Healthy Plants, Beautiful Gardens

At Ritters, we understand that there’s nothing worse than lovingly tending to a garden only to watch it die. But the truth is, a lot of the time, so-called “black thumbs” aren’t the problem at all. True gardening success begins at the source: with healthy plants

At Ritters, our mission is to set you up for success. We want to give you the confidence to discover your inner green thumb, so we carefully curate every plant with an eye for quality. Our wide range of houseplants, shrubs, trees, annuals, & perennials are all sourced from carefully selected vendors, and are locally-sourced whenever possible. 

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Get Advice From Our Plant Experts

There’s a lot that goes into creating the garden of your dreams: from knowing which plants will thrive in specific environments to understanding which garden supplies you need to properly care for them. 

Our team of garden enthusiasts and experts are unabashed “plant nerds” and they love sharing their obscure (and often fascinating) knowledge with others. Many even have a degree in horticulture, This means that they have a solid understanding of how different shrubs, trees, plants, and landscapes work together. Are you unsure if a certain plant will do better in shade or sun? How often to water your new houseplant? Bring your questions, and Ritters’ garden center team will help you to answer them! 

Does your garden need a bit of extra TLC? Schedule a plant doctor for a house visit. 

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“Love this place. They are so honest, they told us not to buy a tree that had frost damage. They always help us keep our plants healthy.” - Jorgi

Always Something New To Discover

Ritters offers so much more than garden supplies. We offer unique products you won’t find anywhere else, including home decor, honey, wine, candles, pottery, & more! 

And because Ritters is locally-owned, it is important to us to support our neighbors whenever possible. Our products are sourced from other local businesses here in the Spokane Valley.