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Rose, Queen of Elegance

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Roses can smell like anything from fruits to herbs to licorice, but there's one perfume—that classic rose smell—we're all looking for. Well, the blooms on this rose are overflowing with that aroma. The flowers open like a cup, packed with tons of petals for a very full flower form. It's a floribunda, so instead of one bloom per stem, you'll get about 3–4 flowers per cluster. Growing on a very straight, upright bush, this cultivar will provide floral abundance through summer, a remarkable addition to the landscape. Even as they mature, the blooms retain their color very well without burning in the sun, which is good news for a pink rose.


Growth Habit

Plant Height

Plant Width

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Disease Resistant



4-6  feet

3-5 feet



Flower Size

Flower Form

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Medium, 4” diameter

Old fashioned, double


Tom Carruth


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