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Rose, Pearly Gates


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Here's a heavenly honey of a hard-to-come-by hue in climbing roses…pure pastel pink. Just like it's 'Mom', America, she's got big gorgeous well-formed flowers saturated with sweet spicy perfume. Same growth habit, too. But the difference is the angelic soft pink color. Blooms on new and old wood. Free-flowering. A little late to bloom in spring.


Plant Habit

Growth Habit

Plant Height

Flower Color

Foliage Color

Stem Length

Disease Resistance


Long canes of 8 to 12 feet

Medium-large for a Climber

8 to 14 feet

Soft even pastel pink

Deep green



Flower Size

Flower Form

Petal Count



Intro Year

Introduced by


Large, almost 5 inch diameter

Formal Hybrid Tea-shaped blossoms

About 35

Sport of America

Larry Meyer


Weeks Rose

Yes, strong


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