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Parfuma Earth Angel Rose


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Exceptionally fragrant peony-shaped flowers. Foliage is bright glossy green. This old-fashioned rose has an unusual fruity top note: the first impression is of lemon, and sparkles like a fine note of champagne, then presents a hint of elder flower and a discreet top note of ripe raspberries. Freshness dominates the heart note. An airy impression of fresh apples in the garden after a summer rain resides in the finish, accompanied by the rather soft base note with a light sweetness and a classic rose bouquet. Blooms vary from white to soft pink throughout the plant and may change as plant reaches full maturity. May take several bloom cycles to produce peony-shaped flower.

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Growth Habit

Plant Height

Plant Width

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Disease Resistant


Upright, bushy

3-5 feet

3-4 feet

Medium, glossy, green

Creamy pink


Flower Form

Petal Count


Award Winner


Own Root

Very full, old fashioned




Yes, very


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