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Rose, Love At First Sight

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This is the hybrid tea for smaller gardens and patio planters. The flower form follows a growing trend in modern European rose gardens—the ball–shaped bud opens into a less–pointed bloom than the typical high–centered hybrid tea bloom. It's a little more rounded, and the extra curve is striking. This style is still very new in American gardens. Subtle bicoloring—red on the front of each petal that pales on the reverse—further enhances the rare shape. You'll be proud of your elegant fresh bouquets. Love at First Sight™ is a modern, improved cultivar, and its much cleaner foliage makes it especially disease resistant. That includes resistance to black spot—the disease rosarians detest. The blooms also carry a slight perfume and attract beneficial pollinators through summer.


Plant Habit

Growth Habit

Plant Height

Plant Width

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Disease Resistant

Hybrid Tea



36 - 42 inches

36 - 48 inches

 Dark green

Red and white reverse


Flower Size

Flower Form

Petal Count


Medium-large 3-4” diameter

High centered, very fully



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