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Rose, Legends

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Huge buds & blossoms of rich ruby red hold their brilliance from beginning to end. Large petals (just one can cover a child's palm) lend a classical Hybrid Tea bud shape, slowly spiraling open to a ruffled whopper of a rose. Large lettuce-like leaves of an unusual red-green color clothe the long cutting stems—in perfect proportion to the flower. It only takes one prodigious posy to fill a vase. Lightly fragrant. Most massive in the spring.


Plant Habit

Growth Habit

Plant Height

Flower Color


Foliage Color

Disease Resistance

Bud Form

Hybrid Tea

Medium to medium-tall

Upright to slightly spreading

43" to 4¼'

Resilient bright ruby red

– sometimes kissed with ebony

Very large, reddened green

Very good

Big, pointed & ovoid


Stem Length

Flower Size

Flower Form

Petal Count


Intro Year

Introduced by


Massive, 5 to 8 inches in diameter

Huge, full & ruffled

Around 30

Tom Carruth


Weeks Roses

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