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Store pickup is available at our Spokane location

Landscape Planting and Deliveries


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For any questions, please call us at (509)-467-5258, or email us at

Planting Description: 

Doesn't matter the size, shape, or quantity, we will help you plant any tree, shrub, perennials, annuals, and more! We will make sure your plant is planted properly to ensure it has the best conditions for root growth.

We highly recommend purchasing compost and our Myke's Mycorrhizae Root Enhancer when you plant. (We believe in these products so much that if you have these on your purchase you will receive an extended warranty! For more details, call us at (509)-467-5258.)

Planting is $75/hour per person. This does not include delivery.

We charge a minimum of two hours for 1-3 items. 

We charge 4 hours for 4-6 items.

We charge 6 hours for 7 items and up.

If the planting doesn't take as long as you paid for, we will refund you to the proper time, or if it takes longer, we will adjust accordingly. 

Planting Terms:

These are refundable up to the time we leave the store front. Once our staff have left, the fee is non-refundable.

You MUST call 811 beforehand and where you want your plants to be planted. Pre dug holes are helpful as well.

Once you place your order, we will call you within a business week to schedule your planting. We currently are 1-2 weeks out. 

If you are not sure which time frame to choose, go ahead and purchase (to save your spot in line) and give us call, and we can adjust it as needed. 

Delivery Description:

We can also deliver our plants and shrubs, and plant as well! Prices depend on location as well as how many staff it would take to deliver your order.

0-16 miles away from store with 1-4 items: $60

0-16 miles away from store with 4+ items: $120

17-30 miles away from store with 1-4 items: $120

17-30 miles away from store with 4+ items: $240

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