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Rose, In Your Eyes

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These are not your average shrub rose blooms. This rose is created from a shrub rose and a Persian hulthemia. Once considered its own genus, the Persian rose is a tough desert native with a distinctive halo around the center of the bloom, a characteristic it passed down to In Your Eyes® hulthemia roses. Thanks to this parentage, the In Your Eyes® rose is also diamond-tough, disease-resistant, and wildly prolific. You'll get big clusters of blooms in sophisticated pastel shades. The flower actually starts cream–yellow with a red eye and matures to lavender with a purple eye, but as each bloom appears and matures in its own time, the clusters will be fascinatingly multi-colored from spring to fall. In Your Eyes® shrub rose also boasts a fragrance that is mild and fruity.


Plant Height

Plant Width

Foliage Color

Flower Color

Disease Resistant


6 - 8 feet

 2-3 feet

Glossy medium green

Yellow and red, then purple and lavender


Flower Form


Intro Year


Own Root

3-5 per cluster

Christian Bédard


Yes, light, fruity


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