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Planting trees near your home has many advantages, one of them being shade provision. When placed in the right spot, trees can help lower your utility costs by cooling your home during the hot summer months. They can also protect your home from nature’s other elements. We are very particular about all of the varieties of trees and shrubs that come into our nursery because we want you to be successful. Our great selection of trees and shrubs allows you to create anything from a statement piece to a living privacy fence. Our knowledgeable staff would love to assist you in picking your plants!



We absolutely adore ornamental trees. Grown for their foliage, shape, or flowers, these performers mostly brighten up the garden in the spring. Colorful bark, weeping, or shaped into other appealing forms, ornamental trees offer a really big show in a relatively small package. We offer many varieties, including so many Japanese Maples we’ve lost count!



Like the name says, evergreens don’t lose their leaves in winter, making them pop during the months where few options offer color in the landscape. Evergreen trees, like the pine and spruce, make excellent screens, reduce noise and are key elements of windbreaks. They also provide shelter and food for a variety of wildlife. They can grow exceptionally tall, so keep that in mind for planting locations.



Deciduous trees come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, forms, colors and textures. Deciduous trees are those that loose their leaves each fall, go dormant for the winter, and leaf out again in spring. They provide us with beauty and shade, and are an integral part of our landscapes. When you hear “deciduous”, think of Maple, Oak, Birch and Hawthorne, among others.



Every year right after Thanksgiving, Ritters brings in a living Christmas Tree farm. You get to choose from the best varieties that make for a lush and beautiful tree for your home, including smaller ones for tabletop displays. You bring them in for Christmas and plant them the next Spring!

Shop By Size

Small Trees (5-15ft)

We carry multiple varieties of each of our most popular trees mentioned below:


Japanese Maples

Fruit & Nut Trees 

Dwarf Conifers & Evergreens

Statement Trees/Modified Trees

What is a modified tree? Well, they are shrubs that are trained or grafted and grown to be patio trees. These varieties are perfect for tight locations!


Medium Trees (15-25ft) 

Our Most Popular:

Typically medium-sized trees are flowering trees and we carry multiple varieties of each tree mentioned below. 




Flowering Plum 




Fruit Trees 


Large Trees (25ft- 75ft) 

Our Most Popular:
We carry multiple varieties of each tree mentioned below. 

Deciduous: Leafy Trees  







Conifers: Cone Barring







Tree FActs:


It is necessary to know the area that you want to grow your tree in to make sure that there is enough space, sunlight, and access for your newest landscape addition. 


When choosing fruit/nut trees for your home or garden to make them produce abundantly it is often necessary to have two varieties of the same fruit/nut trees. This also applies to most berry bushes.   


Growing your own fruit has many benefits, but fruit trees do require a certain amount of maintenance to protect the fruit and the plant for a wonderful harvest.


All new trees require deep and infrequent watering to develop a strong root system. One way to do this is to place a soaker hose or bubbler next to the trunk for about 20-30 minutes two to three times a week from mid-April to mid-October. 


If you want to have your hole ready before you come and pick up your tree we suggest to follow these guidelines: 

7-gallon pot/ball-and-burlap -- 20" wide 10" deep 

10-gallon pot/ball-and-burlap -- 24" wide by 12" deep 

Backfill the hole with soil from hole and a soil amendment, such as compost. Do not forget to treat with Root & Grow! This will assist in drainage and accelerate root development. 

The term deer "resistant" is not to be confused with deer "proof". As most gardeners have witnessed, a hungry deer will eat just about anything!  Some varieties of trees are more resistant than others. Come in and see the selection we offer.



Problematic trees and shrubs may be returned within 90 days of date of purchase for a ONE TIME plant replacement of identical item or appropriate substitute at equal value.  No cash refunds.  This limited warranty is valid with return of plant, original receipt and provided you are the original purchaser and have followed our planting, maintenance, and winter protection instructions. Warranty does not cover material planted in above ground containers, material damaged by animals, acts of nature, fire, early or late frosts, neglect, and replacement trees/shrubs or discounted/sale items.

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