Decorating with fresh greens

Decorating your home with fresh greens is beautiful and creates a fragrant aroma in your home!

The number one thing you need to do when using fresh greens is you have to keep them moist!

Whether it is hung in the heat of your house or the cold air outside, winter is very dry, and they have no source of moisture. We process all of greens before they go to your home and we also have an amazing product called Wilt Stop.

Another way you can take care of them is to fill up your tub and soak your greens for 24 hours. This will hydrate them and give them a little longer life as well.

It creates a protective coating over plant foliage which hold moisture in on plant foliage reducing water loss during plant stress! You typically only need one coating and you can even spray this on your fresh cut tree!

We carry both the pre mixed hand spray bottle and the concentration for you to use on your landscape plants as well like fresh cut roses.

There are many ways you can display greenery whether it is on tables, railing, mantels, hanging wreaths, peanut baskets, there are honestly endless ways to be creative!

Indoors it will last about 2 weeks and much longer outdoors. When displaying your greens make sure that you are keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources; mist with water daily to help the cuttings last if you do not apply a coating of Wilt Stop.

My all time favorite item, that is unique to ritters, is our winter hanging peanut baskets. Each one is custom made and is an impeccable addition to your front porch during this season. They are made with multiple layers of greens, foliage, trim and then topped off with a candle and a beautiful ribbon. We pride ourselves on these one of a kind outdoor baskets. When it comes to making a statement these are sure to do just that. Hanging baskets aren't just for spring and summer anymore!

We have them in the large (pictured below) as well as smaller baskets! They look beautiful all season long! Trust me.

We highly recommend using a combinations of aromatic evergreens

pine, cedar, eucalyptus, balsam, juniper, blue spruce -- to create a pure winter scent, and you’ll crave the smell every year! Greens are something that are so beautiful and easy to clean as well! We have them available in bundles and already designed pieces.

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