sHrubs make yards sparkle!

Shrubs are perfect to add some hight, color, and show-stopping aspects to any yard or garden! 



Roses are red, violets are blue, we love roses and know that you will too! We think roses belong in every garden that has the room for them. 

Whether it be new Hybrid Teas & Grandifloras, Floribundas, Climbers, Shrubs & Shrublets, Miniatures, or Tree Roses, Ritters is your one-stop shop. 


Growing roses is easier than you might think and with such a variety available, there is one for every garden situation. Whether you would like a patio rose, climbing rose or one of the huge grandiflora roses, we have rose that suit your desires. Because roses are all about desire, aren’t they?



Oh Happy Day Rose.png


This is the most popular rose. Generally, this class of roses refers to cultivars that are bushy, lower growing, repeat blooming, and are usually good disease resistance and hardiness disease resistant. They are very easy to care for and therefore are often referred to as Landscape or Groundcover Roses.

Hybrid Tea

A cultivar which grows a single large flower from a long stem. These shrubs bear large flowers that commonly grow one to a long stem and bloom continually throughout the growing season. The bush can grow quite tall, with an upright habit. They’re a great choice if you like large flowers or cut flowers in the house.


Floribunda: Often called a "boquet on every branch", floribunda have similar looking flowers to the hybrid teas but they grow in small clusters. The bush is usually quite compact and blooms continually throughout the growing season. Choose floribundas if you need fairly low-growing plants that produce great numbers of colorful flowers. Usually hardy and diesease resistant. 


These roses blend the best of Floribundas and Hybrid Teas. The flowers grow in clusters, with stems long enoug to cut. Grandifloras normally grow to between 3 and 6 feet tall. They’re a good choice if you like lots of blooms in the garden and stems for cutting on the same plant.


Extremely popular miniatures are between 6 and 36″ tall, with their leaves and flowers in perfect proportion. They are  hardier in cold climates than larger roses. Most mini varieties bloom profusely throughout the growing season and are a great choice for lots of color in a small space..


These varieties grow tall and fast. Climbing roses can add wonderful vertical interest to your garden. They can be trained along fences, arbors, against walls and even used as a sprawling ground cover, and offer an amazing amount of smaller blooms in a lovely, tangled way. 

groundcovers/carpet roses

This variety comes in many forms but they share the characteristics of long spreading branches that spread and spills across the ground. Most are repeat flowering, have little or no scent, and grow from the base of the plant. 


Rugosa: Disease resistant, drought tolerant and incredibly hardy, this shrub type rose has a bold fragrance with pronounced and ornamental rose hips (fruit) produced after the flowering.  Tend to have smaller flowers and lots of thorns, prone to looking "wild".

Woody Shrubs


There is no shortage of choices when it comes to shrubs whatever type of yard or garden you have. Shade or sun, wet or dry, hot or cold, tall or short,  spreading or upright. There are shrubs that will flower all season with such beauty it will make you cry, as well as shrubs with scented blooms or foliage.


There are shrubs for privacy, ground cover, and stunning stem color. You can even choose between evergreen or deciduous. 


Shrubs are smaller versions of trees that have multiple main steams turning them into bushes. Shrubs are small to medium height. 

Rose Plant

green fenceing

Formal and informal hedges have an attractive, natural look, offer privacy, can protect your yard from wind and traffic noise, and look great. Many options are evergreens, but a row of flowering shrubs could fit your style better, and attract birds and bees too! Ask us what would work best for you.

Natural green hornbeam leaf walls. Beautiful green leaves hornbeam fence background.jpg
This bright red bush is known as the Burning Bush plant.jpg

show stopper

A specimen shrub really packs a punch in the landscape, a real standout by virtue of its flowers, fruits, foliage, bark, or all of the above! Some flowering shrubs can soar to the size of a small tree, and their blooms can be quite spectacular. Peeling bark, twisted branches, vivid hues of berries and unusual leaves are also all hallmarks of a great specimen shrub. One of the most popular in our area is the beautiful bright Red Burning Bush! 

ground covers

Ground-cover shrubs grow low, and often have a spreading habit. They’re commonly used to cover large portions of beds or landscapes. Ground covers and mass plantings generally serve the “repetition” principle, in which plants of a particular size, shape, color, and texture are repeated to easily draw the eye along a landscape.

foundation plants

These are used to act as a “base” or “anchor” that impart a solid feeling to a structure and visually link it to the surrounding landscape. Foundation plants also break up the stark right angle junction of building and ground. Traditionally, evergreen shrubs, (either broadleaf shrubs or conifers) are used so that the structure is covered the entire year, but showy, flowering shrubs are equally at home there too.