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True Organics - Fruit & Nut Tree Food


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NEW FOR 2023!

  • Use to encourage productive tree growth for bountiful yields of fruits and nuts for your family table.

  • True Organic™ Fruit &Nut Tree Food contains 4% calcium to help prevent blossom end rot and is blended from natural organic ingredients used to make fertilizers for America’s organic produce growers. The ingredients are proven to be extremely beneficial for both plants and soil, including:
            o  Seabird Guano- A great source of Phosphorous and slow release Nitrogen.
            o  Shrimp Shell Meal and Crab Shell Meal- A premium, sustained             supply of Calcium and Nitrogen for both soil and plants.
            o  Poultry Manure - Ethically sourced from organically raised birds,             unlike other ‘organic’ fertilizers that source from conventional             farms.           
            o  Soybean Meal - Organically sourced.
            o  No Sludge, Fillers or Additives.

  • For in-ground and container trees.
  • Apply twice per year in Spring and Fall.
  • Our 4lb bag covers up to 70 sq. ft.
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