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Caramel Kitchen Caramel Sauce


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Local Caramel Company

About Caramel Kitchen:

Experience Amazing

We are a family-owned business specializing in all-natural, handcrafted caramel sauces. As a self proclaimed caramel lover, Stephanie made her first batch of salted caramel sauce for her own personal use. After burning her first 3 batches, she finally produced a caramel sauce that she loved (she's a little bit on the stubborn side and wouldn't quit until she got it right). She loved it so much that she gave it out as gifts to friends, family and neighbors for Christmas. Soon they began to ask for her to make more. So much more that her husband Brad encouraged her to start her own business. And Caramel Kitchen was born. Soon she went from making one pot on the kitchen stove to making three pots at once on a 3 burner camp stove in their kitchen with the windows wide open. After demand grew, Brad converted a bay of their garage into a kitchen and they purchased their first copper kettle. A year later they outgrew their garage and moved into their current location inside of the Silver Lake Mall in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. What started as a hobby, making 6 jars at a time on the kitchen stove, has grown into a full-time business, producing over 600 bottles a day.

Using only copper pots, we hand-craft our caramel sauces in small batches the traditional way, using only cane sugar, cream, butter, sea salt, and vanilla. We are known for our caramel sauces because they are amazing! Using simple, pure ingredients without corn syrup, preservatives, gluten or nuts, our caramel sauces are authentic and rich in flavor, just like caramel was meant to taste. Combined with our beautiful and functional packaging, an extraordinary taste experience is just a simple squeeze away—making Caramel Kitchen a unique and amazing gift for any occasion.

But even more amazing than our caramel sauces are the women who help run our shop; all graduates from our local Union Gospel Mission's Life Recovery Program. It’s a blessing to be a part of their continued restoration and is the heart behind our excitement to make caramel every day.

At Caramel Kitchen you will find hard working people that are committed to grow individually and together as a team. We are proud of our uplifting, trusting and supportive culture that places teamwork over individualism and relationship over task. Our fun, collaborative environment brings out the best in us and puts smiles on the faces of our families & customers!

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