Big fat buds open to very double old-fashioned flowers of deep velvet purple overlaid with a wisp of smoke…a purple haze for the garden. Strongly scented with a combination of clove & lemony citrus blossom. Deep green leaves cover the plant & compliment the remarkably-colored flowers. Tempting mysterious tones, seductive fragrance and old-fashioned form…it's a winner! More purple in moderate temps.


Class Grandiflora

Plant Habit Medium to medium-tall

Growth Habit Slightly spreading, rounded

Plant Height 30 to 35 inches

Stem Length Medium-long

Foliage Color Deep green, semi-glossy

Disease Resistance Good

Flower Color Scrumptious deep velvet purple

Bud Form Fat & globular

Flower Size Medium-large to large (about 4 to 5 inch diameter)

Flower Form Old fashioned, very double, borne in clusters

Petal Count Over 40

Twilight Zone - Grandiflora



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