At Ritters we believe that plants are good for your body and your soul.  It just so happens that science agrees!  Indoor plants purify the air, reduce stress, increase humidity, and boost your mood! That's because plants do the exact opposite that we do. They breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  This not only freshens up the air but also eliminates harmful toxins. Extensive research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxin in 24 hours.  In addition to cleaning up your air, just the sight of greenery and nature is proven to relax and calm us. This makes them the perfect addition to your work or study space.  Start adding plants to your space and enjoy the wonderful benefits they will add to your life!


From little 2" terrarium fillers to 6' tall indoor trees, we carry a  wide selection of houseplants suitable for every decor and budget.  If you consider yourself less than a "Green Thumb," don't give up! Consider trying out one of our easy-to-care-for varieties such as: cactus and succulents, snake plants, pothos, spider plants, and peace lilies. 

We also take special requests! Message us today and we'll get your request on our grower's list!


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