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For an instant pop of color or to fill empty spots in flower beds, annuals can't be beaten.  They provide a consistent bloom over an extended period of time.  They come in all sorts of colors, growth habits, and sizes perfect for any garden. There are dozens of annuals that might work for particular sun/shade situations, soil conditions, and color/plant preferences.


We believe in only providing the best for our customers and grow 80% of our annuals in-house! Including ALL of our hanging baskets that are second to none.  They overflow with blooms and are ready to make a vivid statement in your yard.


Annual plants bloom for a single season and are heavy feeders (requiring nutrients). Annuals are great for people who want to do something different every year.


Our annuals come in individual pony packs (4 plugs), full flats (12 pony packs), 3.5"-4" containers, and gallon sized containers.


Sun-loving annual bedding plants are used to add vibrant splashes of color and beauty in the areas of your landscape that receive an abundance of sunshine. Gardening with sun-loving annuals gives you endless possibilities for beautifying your home and property.

Every landscape has some shade. Go to the east side of your home, and you’ll find a spot for afternoon shade. Many shade-loving annuals will tolerate a good deal of morning sun as long as there is shade in the afternoon. Great choices for blooming shade plants are begonia, impatiens and lobelia.


Today’s splendid palette lets us use foliage plants as we would blossoms, creating color combinations that last all season. Easy-to-grow coleus, for instance, now comes in an unbelievable selection of colors, leaves and can really make a garden shine. Hostas have had a surge in varieties too, and are a must-have staple in the shade garden.


Starting every spring, Ritters creates a vast selection of hanging baskets and containers for the season. Containers and hanging baskets are a great way to add splashes of colors on your patio, porch, decks, entrances, or anywhere out to add dimension. 


Perennials die back to the ground at the end of the year and come back each season with completely new growth. Perennials are soft tissue plants. 


We carry a wide selection of perennials that are hardy for our growing zone.  You'll find standard perennials as well as more unique and unusual varieties. 


Whether you have full sun, full shade, or something in between, we carry a perennial that will suit your yard's needs.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to come in and speak with someone about your options. 




Sun-loving perennials add energy and excitement with hardy vigor to brighten your garden, year after year! The plants we carry will thrive in the sunny spots of your landscape, may of which are bred for drought resistance.


You’ll find a lovely variety of flowering perennials that grow in shade here at Ritters. Like any other perennial, shade-tolerant varieties are planted once and come back with lovely flowers after every winter.

Shady foliage & groundcover 

These performers take center stage under trees, along fences, and under your home’s overhangs. Hostas love the shade, and filling in dark, empty spots is just the ticket for groundcovers like Creeping Jenny, Spurge, and Blue Moneywort.


Grasses add interest to a garden by adding texture and color, all while evolving through the seasons. One season brings the striking foliage of greens, yellows, and blues, and even purple and red, while some offer elegant plumes of white and pink, and later on, leaves then become a different color entirely for winter interest.

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