Deer in the garden

There is no plant in the world that is deer-proof if they are hungry enough.  However, the use of fences, exclusion devices, scare tactics, and commercial repellents can improve chances of survival when paired with a selection of least preferable plants.

You are viewing deer resistant trees, you may also be interested in deer resistant annuals, perennials, and shrubs & vines.


  • Concolor Fir
  • Hortsmanns Silver Lock Fir
  • Alpine Fir
  • Vine Maple
  • Ginnela Flame Maple
  • Japanese Maple (Red Leaf Varieties)
  • Autumn Purple Ash
  • Russian Olive
  • Sweet Gum
  • Bakeri Spruce
  • Colorado Spruce
  • Fat Albert Spruce
  • Austrian Pine
  • Vanderwolf Pine (Old Growth)


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